Individual Logistics Solutions

There are loads that require specific processing. Their service demands high professional competence, customized solutions and the availability of special infrastructure.

Our individual offers include transportation and handling of:

High valued goods

We offer expertise in the handling of valuable shipments and security solutions throughout the whole supply chain: CCTV, live security, alarm systems departure, transfer and port / destination airports.

choice of transportation for the services offered:

  • Air freight- cargo charters and scheduled services
  • Ocean freight

Dangerous goods, explosives, dual-use items.

We have experience in the transportation of military production with various types of transport.

choice of transportation for the services offered:

  • Air freight - cargo charters and scheduled services
  • Ocean freight

Highly sensitive temperature shipments

We offer a developed product range for transportation of goods, sensitive in time and temperature. We provide services depending on the different required temperature ranges:

  • maintaining a controlled temperature up to - 70° C, transportation with dry ice including treatment of biosubstances - blood, plasma and tissue samples
  • maintaining a cool mode +2° +8° C
  • maintaining a controlled room temperature of +15° +25° C

We provide the specialized infrastructure needed to properly handle sensitive shipments throughout the transport chain: cold rooms, cameras, thermal blankets, GPS for shipping containers, data loggers, etc.

choice of transportation for the services offered:

  • Air freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Road transport

Cross - trade logistics

Cross Trade, also referred to Third Party Shipments, Foreign-to-Foreign Shipments or Triangular Trade, is a transaction involving three parties in three different countries.
Cross border shipments are a substantial part of our operational activities. Through the vast experience and extensive global network Bright Lines Cargo possesses all logistics resources necessary to perform cross-trade shipping.
We could ensure a smooth transition of your shipments from A to C without the need to pass B. Thus, using the most appropriate combination of various means of transport – air, sea, road as well as multi-modal services.

The main benefits of Cross Trade transaction:

  • Lower Supply chain costs
  • Shorter transit time
  • Supply chain efficiency

Choice of transportation for the services offered:

  • Airfreight
  • Ocean freight
  • Road freight
  • Multi-modal options