International forwarding and logistics

We share the values of maximum dedication and commitment in our daily work. We serve clients from all industry sectors, with a variety of transportation and logistics needs. We recognize our responsibility as the expectations on us are enormous. Correct solutions will help our customers to be more competitive in the industry, we will optimize their costs and delivery cycles. This is the surest way to keep their promises. To “sew most accurate measure” for your cargo, whether it consists of spare parts, machinery, wine or artwork, to construct the most accurate schedule and route, and then securely and quickly to transfer your cargo anywhere in the world – that is our understanding for excellent work.

The services we offer are not only internally oriented, they have a wide geographical coverage, so we have no choice but to daily commensurate with the best professionals in the industry to apply the highest professional standards of service from the beginning to the end of every supply chain.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. Is it necessary to insure my cargo?

    We always recommend our customers additional cargo insurance. The cargo insurance which most transport carriers offfer, will not cover your expenses in an event of damage or loss. They carry limited liability during shipment’s transportation, so you should always insure your goods when you sign up the cargo contract. We work with various insurance brokers and choose the best option to protect your shipments – contact us for more information.

  • 2. How should I pack my goods prior to shipment?

    If your cargo is categorized as hazardous, the requirements for handling dangerous goods require the availability of certified container in which your goods can be placed. We offer different sizes of certified packaging. If necessary, they can be provided to you. If have a general cargo the sender has to calculate the strength of the container so that it can withstand various overloads during transport. In many cases the consignments are exposed to the weather at airports, so additional foiling of boxes is needed, pallets will also protect your goods. If your cargo is temperature sensitive, your pallets can be protected from the moment of their release of to the final phase, we take care to provide thermal blankets and use special airline and refrigerator cars which maintain the required temperature. Finally we provide a printout of the temperature maintained throughout the entire transporation of your goods as a proof of compliance commitment. Please contact us for further details and questions.

  • 3. Do you obey the transportation delivery times?

    Note that transit times in our offers are always tentative. Container lines and airlines reserve the right to make changes in the schedule, route, to cancel the dates of departure, so you should always consider the transit times as approximate.

  • 4. How do you estimate the cargo weight, which is charged in air freight?

    Chargeable weight of a shipment is the greatest number between the gross weight and the volume. You can easily calculate the volume of your shipment and therefore chargeable weight by keeping in mind that air transport 1 CBM = 167 kg. If you experience difficulty, please contact us.

  • 5. Are there any restrictions when using air transport to and from Bulgaria?

    In order to execute a seamless air transportation to and from Bulgaria please tell us the exact size and number of each transport packages of your cargo prior to transportation. Airlines which serve Sofia airport operate with a relatively small aircrafts and there are limitations for a single packaging weight and size depending on the selected carrier. For more information, please contact us.

  • 6. What should I consider when choosing the optimal transport for my cargo?

    In most cases, the type and quantity of your goods, as well as the destination determine the tranposration method. If your shipment is extremely urgent, then we will use all the available methods which offer the shortest transit times. If you want to optimize the costs of transportation and the quantity of your goods does not fill in a full container, we’d recommend sea groupage service selected according to your preference for the route, sea ports, requirements for transit times and more. We will determine the best transport modes, and together we will choose the optimal solution for you.

  • 7. When organizing the import of goods how can I determine the nearest airport, which will serve my shipment?

    In this case the most important task is to identify the correct area code, from where you would like to deliver your goods. We will locate the address of your supplier / customer and choose the most convenient airport depending on the air carriers, cargo requirement and others. We will find the best solution for your transportation case.

  • 8. Which documents should I present to the Customs Agency for duty paid goods from third countries?

    All requirements and necessary documents are described in the Customs brokerage section of our website. For additional questions or more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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